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"Acquired an excellent development team..."

"Even though the market was extremely challenging to acquire the talent we were looking to hire, Mark’s expert pre-screening resulted in the majority of candidates being interviewed to be hired immediately, and with no hesitancy. We received maximum efficiency and acquired an excellent development team"

 "Helping us grow with hard to find, top talent..."

"Mark has an in-depth knowledge of the market space, and the most technically versed recruiter I have worked with. Mark has always been professional, dedicated, honest and fun to work with, and he possesses a profound understanding of deeply complex technical requirements so thus not flooding us with resumes, but instead identifying and submitting excellent candidates."

"Very effective in finding the right person for each position..."

"Mark was very effective in finding the right person for every position ultimately saving the hiring managers a significant amount of work and providing us with high quality engineers"

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VANJOBS’ earned reputation of quality IT and Technical Recruitment Services attracts elite contributors. Your time valuable, and Technical Hiring and IT Staffing requirements urgent, we listen, learn, then implement proven practices to address your unique needs.

You are working with the most trusted Engineering, IT, Technical Recruitment Agencies in Vancouver and all work is guaranteed. Industry Renowned as, “The startup experts”.


Star contributors allocate trust to recruitment entities known and referenced by colleagues. Apply this to your circumstance. Upload your tech related resume for a FREE expert review and critique. Please share your situation and needs in “message field”. 

Compare our reviews to any recruitment agency from any domain. VANJOBS applies AI algorithms to proprietary data accumulated over decades. We are real Vancouver Headhunters. 

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  • Is the IT Recruitment Agency reputable with Easily referenceable Recruitment Achievements for similar Technical, Engineering, and Information Technology placements?
  • Are there Expert Tech Recruiters able to Access a Vast Network of Technology Professionals to source, identify, and present highest quality candidates?
  • Does the Employment Agency Possess the Immense Power Resultant from Top Google Search Results to attract and engage quality contributors?
  • Do the Professional Technical Recruiters have an Earned Reputation of Delivering Win / Win Placements and acknowledged as trusted advocate for both employers and job seekers?

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  VANJOBS proudly partners with Rostie & Associates in Toronto, Ontario