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"VANJOBS puts a tremendous amount of effort and preparation into presenting a candidate. They ensure you have a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of the position and carefully craft your resume. You won't find recruiters with a more professional, dedicated approach to finding you a job"
Rodney Bethuin - Cloud and DevOps Engineer / Architect
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Sending out resumes and receive little if any replies? Over 80% of resumes are flawed. Your resume deserves expert evaluation by an experienced ‘Resume Artist’. Proper formatting and structure MUST be applied to reach the critical, ‘6 second rule’. Learn more about the 6 second rule and other job seeker information from my LinkedIn Vidtorials found in VANJOBS’ YouTube repository.

How much does resume writing and other VANJOBS’ career services cost? Totally depends on inputs and needs. Yes, VANJOBS is more expensive than other ‘writers and services’ – like a talented lawyer. Only superior tech (and some non-tech) resumes and LinkedIn profiles are produced. Whether new grad or 25 year veteran, delivery of a good presentation is critical. The ‘how to create your resume’ seminars offered by universities to 4th year /grad students are almost always ‘wrong’. You are guaranteed to obtain an interview, or no charge.

All services are subject to availability, and ‘Candidates’ represented by VANJOBS receive services at no charge. American clientele please contact us for prices in USD.