Engaging Technical Recruiters? Sound Advice for

"Mark views himself as a business partner. His desire to show results and offer value is always evident. Count on him to fill difficult roles where creative search techniques are needed. Well regarded by candidates for his interest in fit, attention to detail and desire for a win/win placement"
Justin Currie's comment on Mark Strong
Justin Currie
Principal - Legacy Business Advisory Services
Educate the Technical Recruiter
Invest time educating the Technical Recruitment Agency on your technical requirements, reporting hierarchy, culture and future plans. Direct interface with IT – Technical hiring entity(s) combined with a ‘deep dive’ into each role’s Technical intricacies will deliver best results.


Be Realistic

Identify which technical inputs and attributes are essential, desirable and where compromises in totality toward information technologies are appropriate. Rely upon the Technical Recruiter’s ‘big picture’ knowledge of the space and best practices.

You Get What You Pay For

The IT Recruiter should provide current marketplace compensation packages to help you set realistic expectations to adapt in real time for the acquisition of top tech talent for the unique requirements of your organization.

The Offer

Minimize failed searches by utilizing the technical recruiter’s headhunter expertise in the compensation / hiring interface. The statistical advantage of delivering successful outcomes using this resource is significant, and irrefutable.

Being a Professional Technical Recruiter is hard. Like many contingent remunerated jobs, technical recruitment has a low barrier to entry, but not an easy field to be successful in – much in the same way as consistent, high magnitude successes in sales are difficult. After 25 years running my own enterprise, I hold deep respect for those other IT and Technical Recruiters that put out a shingle and succeeded. A Professional Technical Recruiter will always treat their candidates with the greatest respect, and never mislead employers. After all, reputation is everything.

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