OK – so where are the current openings? At VanJobs, we apply a different approach to address the needs of “job seekers” and “candidates”. There are so many roles open that are unpublished that one must add to the jobs that are presented on indeed.ca, BCJobs.ca or BCTechnology.com

We respect that each individuals circumstance is unique, and to use a “one size fits all” methodology could never deliver the success’ of our personal, directed approach. Hot domains include all “mobile” such as iOS, Android, UI/UX and QA. DevOps is also a high demand space. We will have an exchange to determine what is the best case scenarios that will advance YOUR individual circumstance, and make informed recommendations as to which companies could avail the best fits in advancement of your career objectives. We have been around long enough – over 25 years – that we know most – not all – local (and USA) company’s remuneration structures, culture, and the personalities of individuals and their management style including the organization’s history and financial health (to our best estimate).

If you are “good” to Expert level in your space, please drop us your resume (always confidential – absolutely) and we can assist with optimizing your CV / LinkedIn and discuss your needs and desires in order to deliver a customized plan based on your needs – not ours. If you need proof, blind reference VanJobs / Mark Strong and ask a friend or a friend of a friend, for their unbiased appraisal of their experience(s) using our services. We love being referenced as our clients and candidates deliver uniformly excellent reviews.

Please, send your resume directly to Mark Strong Mark@VanJobs.ca (it will not disappear in an ATS system) for an expert, 20,000′ view, of your marketability and best case choices to improve your career and life.  Really.