Software Enterprise Architect – Backend

Our client, –  is a well-established high-tech company with a startup mentality, and is the home of innovative and award-winning products and websites. They are at the forefront of both real estate and software development industries.

With offices in Santa Clara and Morgantown, count on some travel and exposure to Silicon Valley culture.

What is this position all about?

This is a full-time Enterprise Architect position in their backend search team. It is a great opportunity to design, architect and develop high quality software for the backend search services that power, mobile apps and a myriad of internal apps.

If you want to work on a high performance (less than 30ms response time), high traffic API (400k requests per minute), with built-in scalability and monitoring in the AWS cloud, then read on! Their motto is “Deliver the Right Data Fast”. Our exciting vision is to transform the real estate industry so people love where they live. provides consumers with the real estate content, decision support tools and professional connections they need before, during, and after a big real estate decision.

What would you do?

  • Help architect highly scalable, robust and performing search system using greatest out of the box and custom search technologies.
  • Apply your coaching and mentorship skills to further the technical competence of the team.
  • Innovate on a daily basis on both technology and process.
  • Aggressively pursue new open-source technologies and find ways to incorporate them in the current stack.
  • Lead utilization of AWS to its full potential. Create an infrastructure with built-in auto scaling, continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Achieve excellence in system maintenance and dealing with production issues in DevOps style.
  • Investigate, propose, and demonstrate solutions/improvements based on the data metrics.
  • Be an expert in search technologies and search algorithms. Design machine-learning algorithms to provide a customized search to our end-users.
  • Have zero-tolerance for avoiding the best practices (e.g. peer reviews & TDD, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery).
  • Work, and thrive in an Agile Scrum environment that favors collaboration and teamwork. Lead constructive discussions and do not shy from a good argument.
  • Take charge in mitigating technical, schedule, and other project risks.
  • Proactively collaborate with teammates and project stakeholders to ensure project efforts proceed efficiently and predictably.
  • Constantly validate your design and architectural decisions with the folks from other parts of the office as well as other parts of the organization (e.g. Santa Clara, Morgantown, Melbourne – Australia).
  • Have a lot of fun doing all of the above.

What do you bring to the table?

  • Years of experience as an architect and at least 3 of those are in search technologies.
  • A proven record of architecting and designing high performance, large-scale search systems in cloud technologies, preferably AWS.
  • You know what is NDCG.
  • You are a natural leader that leads by example.
  • You have a lot of experience with popular search technologies like Solr and Elasticsearch and preferably contribute to the source code.
  • You used Docker containers with CircleCI, and Terraform.
  • You are an expert in one of (preferably both) NodeJs or Python.
  • You designed systems with a NoSQL persistence layer.
  • You know what a Façade and a Decorator are, but you are not an interior designer.
  • You know what Kafka is, but you are not necessarily expert in Czech literature at the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • You like to learn new things and experiment, and at the same time you are results-driven.
  • You are able to take a calculated risk.
  • You ask questions and do not stop until you get answers.
  • You strive for excellence, but deliver products.
  • You have an insatiable thirst for technology.

Contact Mark Strong directly and know that you will be represented and working with the best! Always confidential.

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