Videographer / Editor for Social Media – Freelance (Filled – Thank You)

Filled – Thank You

Are you (near) expert in Adobe Pro (or other – that ‘works’) and have a ‘real’ portfolio to prove that you have edited / produced videos for small business’ marketing and branding?

This opportunity for a gifted Video Editor with Social Media is provided via ‘the writer’ – VANJOBS

  • Recorded media shared via cloud access for collaboration (your home / space)
  • Media: MP4 1080p / 60p as recorded by Canon Vixia G40 and Sennheiser G3 wireless lav.
  • Rendered ‘video tutorials’ will be 1-2 mins and (intended) to be presented 4-6 times / month
  • You do not need to be a long time expert, but this is absolutely not for a ‘work in progress’ or an ‘up and coming’ videofile.
  • The final product will not be ‘YouTube’ loud talk, crummy sound, and bad lighting.
  • The final product will be studio quality, professional, and aimed toward a sophisticated audience.
  • The editor MUST be proficient with Chromakey.
  • The editor understands that sound quality is >60% of the deliverable.
  • The editor will assist with uploading to Social Media sites and branding / subscription options

This effort will be super fun and you will be working with the elite from the business space. The ‘model’ is new and you will be a pioneer within the space. Promise.

Your (hourly) remuneration will be fair and you will enjoy the gig. Promise.

This work is likely best for a Freelancer and will take up little of your time. You will learn lots (as will we) and there is no ‘uptight, master of the universe’ to report to – however – deliverables MUST BE THE BEST IN THE SPACE.

I know that there are peeps that ‘just know’ that they can do this but you must have a proven and viewable portfolio in order to succeed. Please, be a good person and do not throw your application in ‘cuz just maybe’.

Please, pop me an email to and copy and include link(s) to your work and a cv. I promise not to mess you around, and you promise to not lead me astray. Fair?

Best to you, and I will be ‘a lovin’ to see what you can do!

VanJobs  ‘only the best’

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